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ICD-10 Code H27.03: Overview

Code: H27.03
Description: Aphakia, bilateral
Context: This code is used for cases where a patient has aphakia, the absence of the lens of the eye, in both eyes.

Guidelines for Proper Use

  • Specific Diagnosis for Both Eyes: Use H27.03 for patients diagnosed with the absence of the lens (aphakia) in both eyes. Aphakia can occur due to surgical removal of the lens, a congenital absence, or due to trauma.
  • Accurate Documentation: Ensure that the healthcare provider’s documentation clearly indicates a diagnosis of aphakia in both eyes. The diagnosis should be based on an eye examination and relevant medical history.
  • Exclusion of Other Eye Conditions: Do not use H27.03 for other conditions of the eye that may affect vision but do not involve the absence of the lens.
  • Differentiating from Unilateral Aphakia: Be cautious not to use H27.03 for cases where only one eye is affected by aphakia. Unilateral aphakia has a different ICD-10 code.
  • Compliance with Coding Standards: Utilize H27.03 in accordance with clinical documentation and adhere to relevant coding guidelines, including payer-specific requirements.

Common Misuses of H27.03

  • Use for Unilateral Aphakia: Misuse occurs when H27.03 is used for patients with aphakia in only one eye. Each eye condition should be coded accurately based on its specific diagnosis.
  • Confusion with Other Eye Conditions: Avoid using H27.03 for other types of eye conditions that affect the lens, such as cataracts or lens dislocations, unless they result in the absence of the lens.
  • Application to Temporary Lens Absence: Do not use H27.03 for temporary absence of the lens, such as during cataract surgery, unless aphakia becomes a permanent condition.
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