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CPT Code 92020: Overview

Code: 92020
Description: Gonioscopy (separate procedure)
Context: This code is used for gonioscopy, a diagnostic procedure that examines the front part of the eye (anterior chamber) to evaluate the drainage angle. It’s commonly used in the assessment and management of glaucoma.

Guidelines for Proper Use

  • Specific Use for Gonioscopy: Apply 92020 specifically for gonioscopy procedures, which involve examining the eye’s drainage angle using special lenses.
  • Documentation of Procedure Details: Ensure that healthcare providers’ documentation includes details of the gonioscopy procedure, such as the technique used and findings.
  • Separate Procedure Identification: This code is used when gonioscopy is performed as a separate, standalone procedure. It should not be bundled with a general eye exam or other procedures.
  • Exclusion of Other Ophthalmic Procedures: Do not use 92020 for procedures that are not gonioscopy, even if they are related to glaucoma assessment or management.
  • Compliance with Ophthalmic Examination Protocols: Use 92020 in accordance with standard ophthalmic examination and glaucoma assessment guidelines, as well as payer-specific rules.

Common Misuses of 92020

  • Bundling with Comprehensive Eye Examinations: A common misuse is including gonioscopy (92020) within a comprehensive eye examination code. It should be billed separately when performed as a distinct procedure.
  • Using for Other Diagnostic Procedures: Misuse occurs if 92020 is used for other ophthalmic diagnostic procedures that are not gonioscopy, like perimetry or fundus photography.
  • Overlooking Separate Procedure Criteria: It’s important to use 92020 only for gonioscopy performed as a separate procedure, not as part of a routine eye examination.
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